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Health tips — for you..

A lot of people think being overweight is an appearance issue but actually it is a health concern. Being obese or overweight can seriously risk person’s health. It makes you more likely to have medical conditions including High blood pressure, Diabetes, Breathing problems, PCOD and PCOS etc. The weight loss industry has been feeding many myths to people for years.

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Jagdish Kaur- eye witness who brought Sajjan Kumar, accused of 84 anti-sikh riots to justice

Jagdish Kaur, is the courageous woman who played a key role in getting Life term for Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in connection with the anti-Sikh riots case of 1984. The sentence was given by High court Delhi, and it has taken 34 years to get justice. In all these years, she has suffered and faced a lot due to the riots

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