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What’s your pick – Life or Economy?

I was feeling extremely heavy since a couple of days. Repeatedly, listening and reading heavy words like Terrorism, Home grown so called terrorist, High alerts, stone pelters and so on…

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The Mask

I’m that face of the most intellect and skillful society, who is not recognized yet. Though, on the other hand, I’m praised worldwide for my intellect and the skills – be it in field of science, medicine, engineering, finance, or any thing else you would want to name. I love, admire and I’m obsessed with western culture – be it

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A Calm Life!

On Women’s day I have read so many articles about strong, powerful, successful women. Who have achieved so much, inspired many people, changed the world. There are many people who have made this world a better place.They definitely are great leaders. But I am not going to talk about great people, in fact I am going to talk about ordinary

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