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Floods and Us !!

Every year Mumbai monsoon brings flooding and more potholes to many parts of the city. Though the dreaminess of Mumbai rains is often shown in movies but in reality it is quite depressing because of traffic jams, water logging and potholes. Mumbaikars experience this inconvenience almost every year. There is no proper infrastructure to avoid water logging. There are many

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The monoclonal antibodies

The monoclonal antibodies, also known as ecombinant antibodies are one of the most important contributions of biotechnology to medical science. These are antibodies that are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell. These antibodies are injected into those patients who lack antibodies for a particular disease. The technique for creation of these antibodies involves

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Indian researchers use AI for survillance “without” using face recognition

Based on inputs by Shahid A team of Indian researchers have created a tool that can find people in CCTV footage by searching for their clothing, height and gender. This tool would work on an algorithm that would help search and filter the surveillance footage. In simpler words, AI algorithm can find you in CCTV footage without using face recognition At

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Life @9to6

Written by Dancing Breeze Hello all! This is my very first attempt with writing though I am an ardent reader but writing is quite a different space. OK.. so now I have started writing but what should I start with? Penning down your thoughts is very much like having a conversation with yourself. I am thinking aloud for topics and

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First-ever Diwali celebration at Niagara Falls

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi Niagara Falls will host Diwali, the Festival of Lights for the first time ever this year. The first-ever Diwali celebration at this global tourist attraction is being organised by the non-profit Indo-Canadian Arts Council (ICAC), with the support from the Niagara Parks Commission. ICAC’s director and founder Ajaay Modi believes this would be a

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Karnataka to be first state to have good Samaritan law

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi Karnataka is just about to become India’s first state to have a Good Samaritan law which will give legal protection to those who come forward to help accident victims, with President Ram Nath Kovind giving his nod to the bill. According to the new law, the Karnataka government will extend financial assistance to good samaritans

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