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A Calm Life!

On Women’s day I have read so many articles about strong, powerful, successful women. Who have achieved so much, inspired many people, changed the world. There are many people who have made this world a better place.They definitely are great leaders. But I am not going to talk about great people, in fact I am going to talk about ordinary

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Health tips — for you..

A lot of people think being overweight is an appearance issue but actually it is a health concern. Being obese or overweight can seriously risk person’s health. It makes you more likely to have medical conditions including High blood pressure, Diabetes, Breathing problems, PCOD and PCOS etc. The weight loss industry has been feeding many myths to people for years.

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Often I wonder will I ever be able to live just like old times? When I was little, during our summer holidays, we used to visit my grandmother’s place. Some of us had to sleep in the terrace, because we have a large family. Whenever I wasn’t able to sleep my brother used to tell me “Count stars and you

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