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The Mask

I’m that face of the most intellect and skillful society, who is not recognized yet. Though, on the other hand, I’m praised worldwide for my intellect and the skills – be it in field of science, medicine, engineering, finance, or any thing else you would want to name. I love, admire and I’m obsessed with western culture – be it

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India’s Enemy Within

As a school student, I hated history. I used to have a genuine innocent question as a student, that why are we expected to study about someone who is not alive today and what difference would it make if I don’t learn about such people? Obviously, except for the marks. I’m sure most of the school students who hate History

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Mumbaikar’s plight !!

A poem by Shilpa Nadkarni A poor man walking through up and down the streets,.. Rushing up high and low to reach his workplace on time, He saves money and on roadside eats his “treats” And struggles to get back home in the evening time Struggling through the traffic, puddles and tolls… Mumbaikar’s pockets are full of holes paying big

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