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In Search of Happiness

Be it you, me or anyone else…I often see everyone, including myself running behind something or the other, each one us running at a different pace

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A Pseudo Secular Rhetoric – With Lots of Love from Bollywood.

Article written by Shilpa Nadkarni Many of us grew up fantasizing about the glamorous, glittering, stars, heroes/ heroines of the famous Bollywood during the teenage era. Bollywood has always been successful in leaving an impact on styling, lifestyle and many more things that one would aspire about. I still remember whenever a movie used to release be it Dewaar, Sholay,

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The Mask

I’m that face of the most intellect and skillful society, who is not recognized yet. Though, on the other hand, I’m praised worldwide for my intellect and the skills – be it in field of science, medicine, engineering, finance, or any thing else you would want to name. I love, admire and I’m obsessed with western culture – be it

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