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Tremendous Success in fight against Cancer

Article by Paridhi Sharma based on inputs by Sanjeev Dua For the first time, scientists have injected a human patient with a new and experimental cancer-killing virus. Known as Vaxinia, the virus developed in the US has been successful when tested on animals. City of Hope — one of the biggest cancer research and treatment organizations in the country — stated

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The monoclonal antibodies

The monoclonal antibodies, also known as ecombinant antibodies are one of the most important contributions of biotechnology to medical science. These are antibodies that are made by identical immune cells that are all clones of a unique parent cell. These antibodies are injected into those patients who lack antibodies for a particular disease. The technique for creation of these antibodies involves

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Stranger gives up first class seat for a mother and her sick daughter

A woman has shared her story of a stranger who offered his first-class seat on an aeroplane so she could sit with her sick baby. The story is trending and making people realise that humanity is still prevalent. Kelsey Rae Zwick was flying from Orlando to Philadelphia with her 11-month-old daughter Lucy for treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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