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After working for about 40 years, in a leading newspaper of the country, I have reached a conclusion that one should avoid looking at the newspaper with the morning tea.

This may seem odd as the newspaper is the window to the world, keeps us in touch with national and international affairs enlarging the sphere of our knowledge, provides solutions to several vital issues, gives critical analysis of complicated matters and gives us ability to read between the lines. I admit to all this, however my suggestion is still the same. Please give up the habit of going through the headlines first thing after waking up.

I have reasons in support of this view

You may get up after a long sound sleep, full of vigor, relaxed and in a happy mood, but this rosy state of mind could be cut short by the negativity provided by the newspapers, which are from beginning to end are full with depressing coverage of crime, rape, dacoity , murder, atrocity and other news depicting the criminal human nature and behavior etc. You will hardly find any news with positive approach inspiring courteous and kindness towards ladies, children and animals.

Here let me clear my stand, I am not against any newspaper or any other media print or electronic. I am against the approach of media persons who think that such negative news laced with highly toxic “garam masala” is the stuff that can help increase circulation or get good TRPs. This approach kills the spirit of positivity and in the process also effects adversely on your elevated morning mood, that might potentially spoil your day too. To counter this hopeless situation it was felt that some daring step be taken to turn the wheel of news from negative to positive.

With the above in mind, a new instrument namely positive news corner is knocking at your door. We are confident of your support and blessings for the new venture. Looking forward to your views, suggestion and participation to make this venture a success.


  • Shilpa V Nadkarni

    Dear Positive Corner Team,

    My name is Shilpa.

    I recently read an article from Positive Corner called Imperfect Mother and found it extremely interesting piece to be read about.

    I often write certain small pieces and articles which are never shared or published anywhere.

    I’m keen to know if the Positive Corner’s platform is open for people like us to share our thoughts/ writings? If yes, kindly let me know how to go about it.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Shilpa,

      You are most welcome to use our platform for sharing your articles. You can also suggest positive news that will go as “based on inputs by” with your name. You can even write news articles,

      Please have a look at our contributions section.

      We are sorting our issues with email , so for now you can send your content to sandarbh@gmail.com Please also send across your photo also

      Regards ,

      Team positive news corner


    • Hi Shilpa

      Did you get the response? Just wanted to confirm if you have any queries.


      Sandarbh Sharma
      Team PNC


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