CAPF and NDRF jawans to get healthrier millet based food options in canteen..

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

Soon, CAPF Jawans will enjoy Millet-Based Dosa, Cake, Manchurian & Fries. Their canteens canteens and bakeries will offer gulab jamun, Mysore Pak, Balushahi, cake, jalebi etc prepared with sorghum (jowar), pearl millet, and finger millet (ragi). As per the indicative list, the Gazetted Officers Mess will have ladoos, lemon rice, dosa etc while Officers Mess will have options like Peri Peri french fries, samosa, and manchurian prepared with millets and sorghum.

The CAPFs have also been asked to ensure that items served to personnel in their breakfast, lunch, and dinner should contain a minimum of 25 per cent of millets. This is a significant step towards healthy food as India celebrates the International Year of the hardy crop.

The items will be included for jawans as per the recent decision by the Ministry of Home Affairs to introduce millets in the mess, canteens, wet canteens and bakeries of the forces.

A detailed indicative list of millet recipes to be included has been sent to all CAPFs, asking them to introduce the food items in mess menus and regimental functions.

For optimum use of millets, it should be ensured that mixed recipes are introduced in the mess menus. To make the recipes adequately nutritious and promote awareness among the force personnel, offices/units may approach dieticians/doctors available locally for necessary help and guidance.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has already said a momentous decision has been taken to introduce millets (Shree Anna) in the meals of personnel of CAPFs and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF).

The decision to introduce 30 per cent millets in meals has been taken after a clarion call by Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah after detailed discussion with all the forces.

“Recognizing the importance of millets and creating a domestic and global demand along with providing nutritious food to the people, at the behest of the Government of India, the United Nations declared 2023 the International Year of Millets. The campaign of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to promote Shree Anna will fulfil nutritional requirement of crores of people of the country,” MHA said.

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