Movie Review – Shazam! Fury of the Gods :

Movie Review by Rishi Kapoor

An American Superhero movie which is sequel to Shazam (2019) and is the 12thinstalment in the DCEU directed by @ponysmasher (David F.Sandberg).

While the first film was about Billy Batson (@asherangel ) finding his calling and becoming the hero Shazam, the narrative saw him trying to find his biological parents while finding an unlikely gang that ends up becoming his new family. The sequel, Fury of Gods tries to expand the story of the kids who turn into superheroes when they utter the word “Shazam!”. It turns out that a mistake by Billy (@zacharylevi ) allows Hespera (@helenmirren ), Kalypso (@lucyliu ), and Anthea (@rachelzegler ) to enter the human realm to seek back their powers and restore their own barren one. The battle between the Greek gods and the young, earnest superheroes takes up much of the film as they go back and forth trying to get the upper hand.

All of the actors and actresses were great in the movie including Zachary Levi and Helen Mirren.

Make sure you stick around for the post credit scenes too because they are quite interesting to see. I also liked how they brought Wonder Woman in at the end of the movie. It was good to see Gal Gadot , paisa vasool moment. Movie has brilliant CGI and good action scenes with the right dose of good humour. Most importantly for me all the jokes landed and made me laugh unlike many recent superhero movies which have jokes just to be there. Even the direction by David F. Sandberg is well done. Not sure how the future of the story looks, especially considering the DCU reboot. I hope they keep this cast going.

Overall the movie is a good time pass, if you have seen the first Shazam then don’t miss this one.


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