Excessive drinking, obesity and corruption to cost policemen jobs in Assam

In an effort to revamp the administration and create a more efficient and honest police force, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, has made an announcement due to which 300 police officers in Assam are at risk of losing their positions due to excessive drinking,

During a virtual conference with senior officials and Superintendents of Police (SPs) on Thursday, Sarma directed the
top-ranking police officers to remove ineffective or incompetent individuals from the police force, emphasizing the
importance of physical fitness.

The CM stated that “those who are habitual drinkers, excessively obese, and have corruption cases against” them among the police force would be given the option of voluntary retirement (VRS). The VRS process has already commenced, and new recruits will be hired to fill the resulting vacancies. “Three hundred officers and jawans are habitual drinkers and consumption of too much alcohol has damaged their bodies. The government has a provision of VRS for them,” Sarma said.

The CM, who is also responsible for the home portfolio, emphasized that excessive alcohol consumption has caused physical damage to these officers. the Chief minister has taken on the task prior to the second anniversary of the second BJP-led government in Assam on May 10.

“It is an old rule but we had not implemented it earlier,” he added. The Chief Minister clarified that the police officers who opt for voluntary retirement will still receive their full salaries, but they will be replaced by newly recruited personnel.

In several instances, cops have been caught on camera using abusive words, sometimes even against seniors. Many have been suspended for drunken outbursts during duty hours.

He had instructed the Director General of Police (DGP) and other senior officials to assess whether the officials were
actively participating in physical fitness exercises, regularly visiting police stations, registering cases, and ensuring that
they are properly concluded.

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