Anek : A Hindi Political Action Thriller directed by Anubhav Sinha.

Movie Review by Rishi Kapoor

It is a heart-wrenching tale that examines what it means to be an INDIAN and what it takes to rise above the divides plaguing the country. Movie focuses on an undercover agent Joshua (Ayushmann Khurrana) who is on a mission to restore peace in the Northeastern region of India and the political situation that has for long plagued this belt of the country by facilitating a Peace Accord with the largest militant group and its rebel leader – Tiger Sanga.During his task, he meets Aido, a Northeastern Indian boxer (newcomer Andrea Kevichüsa) who is struggling with biases while chasing her dream to secure a position on the Indian national team. Khurrana also has an interesting tryst with Aido’s father, Wangnao (Mipham Otsal), a school teacher who is secretly nurturing a rebel group against government forces.

Ayushmann is perfect in whatever roles he takes. In the movie he is tough as a cop ,carries the role with confidence and is the saving grace. Kevichüsa, who has made her Bollywood debut with Anek, delivers a decent performance. Among other supporting cast members and regular actors of Sinha movies, Kumud Mishra and Manoj Pahwa were good with their characters.

Movie is well shot , cinematography and direction is good. The problem is with the approach, the story lacks continuity and thus fails to connect with the audience, I saw some people leaving the theatre post intermission. The intent of the director is good while showcasing why people of certain parts of the country have to repeatedly prove their love and worth for the country, and echoes the deep-seated distrust that a section of the Northeast people have for Delhi.

The movie is not close to Anubhav’s Mulk & Article 15 and it’s the execution that should be blamed. Masses will not like it, watch it only if you like deep political movies.

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