Regulated Heart Focused Breathing

Author Dr. Vijai Sharma PHD, is a “Life Coach”in Cleveland

Cardiac Coherence Breathing is a term used in a few scientific papers which is subsumed in the broad based concept of Heart Focused Breathing. By “regulated” breathing I mean the length of the breath should be measured both for inhalation and exhalation. Why? So we can make sure that exhalation is equal to or preferably a little longer than inhalation.

You might ask, “What’s the big deal about exhalation? According to Yogic thinking exhalation is the key to breath efficiency, stamina and endurance and optimal heath.

Cardiac Coherence Alternate nostril breathing
5 seconds inhale
5 seconds exhale
1-5 minutes session at a time

Why heart focused breathing?

In order to answer that we have to look at the heart beyond it’s function as a blood pumping organ.
Heart Mind Connection – Heart has the largest electromagnetic range. On average 8 feet around the body. This range is bigger than any other part of the body, even bigger than that of the brain. Interesting new insight is that Heart has its own brain with its own neurites, similar to those as in the brain, So Heart has a conscious intelligence of its own. Intelligence of the heart influences brain processes that control nervous system and higher intelligence

When heart and mind work in coordination you create innovate things that benefit human kind; while when heart is under functioning we produce destructive things

An article in 15th January 2019 Scientific American Proper Breathing Brings Better Health using scientific methods says “cardiac coherence breathing exercises can stabilize the heartbeat and have a powerful ability to dampen anxiety” Big controversy arose dismissing the article didn’t say this pompous name “cardiac coherence breathing is Pranayama” actually the article does mention the word Pranayama and says Pranayama Yoga was the first to build a theory around respiratory control. Having said that they use the term CC. Let’s put that matter to rest.

My interest in writing this piece is that whatever we call it, all methods of conscious controlled breathing are good and for us ordinary beings. The Nadi Shodhanam and Aanulom Vilom Pranayama are awesome. In Anulom Vilom air is inhaled from left nostrils and exhaled from the right one, after that it is inhaled from the right nostril and exhaled from the left one. In Nadi Shodhan, the air is inhaled from left nostrils hold the breath and exhaled from the right one

Now let’s make sure we regularly and frequently use it for tuning up and rebalancing our physical, mental and emotional systems as many times a day as needed.

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