Story by Gautam Kalra (aged 14 yrs)

Blood everywhere, escaping from the insides of the woman, she had a knife in her hand. It was clearly a suicide. The overweight senior detective named Jimmy says “little gory right!!”, to the new detective named Pat while shamelessly chewing a hamburger. The junior detective replies “Yes it really is, would you please stop eating here there’s a dead body in this apartment.”

The detective laughs out loud and says, “the sooner you realize that nothing matters the better, everyone dies, a thousand people died since I started eating this burger and even after knowing that this tasted delicious.”

“What the hell is wrong with you, how can you say that knowing that god is listening to every word that you are saying.” Pat says with anger.  Jimmy laughs and says, “you still think that god exists, if he did, he wouldn’t let all these people die.”

Pat doesn’t say anything for a while then he says “well about this suicide, should we close the case, tell her family members and call it a day.

The fat detective laughs so loud almost chokes on his cheeseburger. He continues laughing and says “it’s a murder you dumb donkey she has a iPhone 12 that came out 2 days ago, why would she get a new iPhone then kill herself… They’re not that bad.”

Pat says “Cut out the jokes, this is not funny. Could you just elaborate more on this murder thing”. The detective face turns from being happy to completely serious “she has a brand-new iPhone 12, her fingers look like they’ve just had a pedicure, her eyebrows are plucked, there is dried up lipstick on her lips which means she was getting ready to go somewhere. You’re telling me she stopped getting ready and decided to stab herself 9 times and died with a knife in her hand.” Jimmy says in haste.

The junior detective looks at jimmy with pure shock then says “well she has dried lipsticks on her lips so why isn’t there any lipstick in the house. Jimmy says, “I guess the killer took the lipstick.” Jimmy throws the cheeseburger in the bin, pats Pat in the shoulder and says, “let’s call it a day shall we.”

Jimmy is back at his house, he goes to a room and there is a shelf filled with random types of stuff, some are hairbrushes, panties and some tv remotes then he puts a mysterious lipstick in the shelf.  Jimmy sits down in his sofa and starts laughing endlessly and loudly, his laugh slowly turns into a cry.

Jimmy has a flashback of his wife screaming “you’re a detective why would you kill people and detect their murder and blame it on the wrong person, what’s wrong with you. You are ruining two lives for no reason.  Jimmy looks at her with anger in his eyes and threatens her with a slow voice and says, “you are not telling this to anyone.”  Jimmy waits for a few seconds then screams “you’re not telling this to anyone.” Jimmy’s wife runs to get the phone.

Jimmy runs at his wife with a knife in his hand and stabs her 9 times.

Story by Gautam Kalra

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