SSR: Is AIIMS report actually conclusive…. I doubt.

I dont agree with the report, rolled out by Sudhir Gupta that declares Sushant Singh Rajput’s death as a case of suicide, and rules out murder completely. I have my doubts and concerns that have made me ponder on whether the so called conclusive report is actually conclusive.

Why the delay?

If all the inputs given by forensic doctors of Mumbai’s Cooper Hospital were so satisfactory why did the AIIMS team take so long to give out this report?.

Why was the submission of conclusive report to CBI postponed twice (15th and 23rd September)? One of the causes for delay could be that the AIIMS team did not reach an unanimous decision on whether SSR’s death was a murder or suicide.

What pressure was applied and by whom to reach a conclusion that was agreeable by all the team members.

Viscera sample

Last month it was in news that the viscera received by the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) was “of very less quantity and degenerated”. This as per IANS (Indo-Asian News Service) was based on inputs by highly placed sources in AIIMS. “It makes chemical and toxicological analysis really difficult” the sources had added.

How can the sample, that was “degenerated”, provide such concrete evidences pointing towards suicide? How can a team of experts rule out poisoning based on such a sample? How can such a report be trusted?

The AIIMS team did not raise questions on why the viscera, which holds the key in ascertaining the cause of death, was not preserved properly.

Autopsy Report The original autopsy report, created by forensic team from Cooper Hospital indicated there were no injury marks. The report did not have the time of death, one of the mandatory fields on an autopsy report. The AIIMS team did not get any photos of dissection and no video of autopsy.

Why weren’t any questions raised on these “gaps” or missing information? How could the so called “expert” mess up the basic details of an autopsy?


There were two set of photos that were making the rounds in the virtual world. The set of photos that indicated suicide were found to be morphed.

The photos that indicated “murder” had ample of proofs to justify the same. The same was confirmed by forensics round the world.

Ignoring the above, the team from AIIMS team chose to give their verdict on basis of “interviewing the forensic doctors from Mumbai’s Cooper Hospital”.

If the doctors, had lied earlier, would they get into confession mode and accept everything.

If the decision had to be taken on basis of this alone, why did the AIIMS team waste everybody’s time.

Repeat offender

Sudhir Gupta is no stranger to controversy. In 2014 he had said that he was forced to fudge Sunanda Pushkar’s autopsy report to say that the death was a ‘natural’ one. Has the history repeated itself ?

Too many questions and very few answers.

We have to believe what CBI says, but it will be great if CBI gives its verdict and justifies it with answers to the questions that have been asked in the last 4 -5 months.

Master Stroke

With one report, he has not only twisted the case completely, but also saved his “friends” at Cooper Hospital. Now, no one will question the irregularities in the report, lack of photos and video of autopsy, “degenerated” Viscera.

His stamp of approval to “Suicide” can put a lot of other questions under the carpet. No one will now question on why the “suicide” was mentioned as “Accidental Death” , Why the site was not secured , why were evidences (glass from which he drank juice, his diary etc.) missing and not made available to CBI, who deleted his Instagram posts , and many more

Dr Gupta’s report has done the harm it was meant to do. CBI has not given out its report, but one thing is for sure, if the evidences collated by CBI point towards a murder, then this report has to be set aside and some other body has to do forensic investigation again.

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