Desperate China attempt to use ’62 tactics..

After crushing multiple attempts by PLA the Indian Army has now re-positioned its troops to dominate the heights of Finger 4 spur on the north bank of the lake. Indian soldiers have set up barbed wire obstacles at points where Chinese troops have come a few metres away from their positions at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh.

PLA troops have now started using psychological tactics in an attempt to gain the upper hand on Finger 4. PLA has starting playing out Punjabi numbers to distract army men into lowering their guard. While the north bank of Pangong Tso was rolling out to Punjabi songs on PLA loudspeakers, another set of loudspeakers were deployed by the Red Army at their Moldo Garrison in Chushul sector to tell Indian troops that they are fighting for is foolishness of India’s political masters.

On the southern banks of Pangong Tso, the Chinese loudspeakers told Indian troops in Hindi about the harms of being deployed at these heights in winter season, and that too because of Indian politicians.

It is clear that the plan is to bring down the morale of Indian troops and get them into submission without even a fight .

A leading US publication Newsweek reported that the Chinese President Xi Jinping has risked his future with the high profile incursions into Indian territory that ‘unexpectedly flopped’ in the face of a ferocious fightback by the Indian Army.

The Chinese army’s failures on the Indian border will have consequences, it said, adding “you can say the Indians are more aggressive or more aggressively defensive, but they are in fact bolder and better. The setback in the Himalayas poses problems for Xi, which means it poses a problem for everyone else.”

However all the attempts by PLA are failing as Indian troops are much better prepared and full of confidence. This time they have proper arms and sufficient ammunition. With high quality weapons and a much upgraded IAF. India is ready for a duel. A duel that will make India a more powerful nation. Indian army has now responded with the same tactics and isnow using loudspeakers too. Tit for Tat makes the Indian army different from what it was in 1962

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