Movie Review – The Sleepover

Movie Review By Rishi Kapoor

The Sleepover : An American action comedy film directed by Trish Sie which is currently streaming on Netflix.

The story revolves around Finch family of Cape Cod, Massachusetts – school cafeteria supervisor mom Margot (Malin Akerman), pastry-chef dad Ron (Ken Marino), big sister Clancy (Sadie Stanley) and goofy younger offspring Kevin (Maxwell Simkins) .

At first it seems like the worst things the kids have to worry about are being the only kids without phones or an unintended viral video of Kevin dancing. However, one night, the parents are kidnapped, and the kids learn their mom used to have another life as a jewelry thief.

The kids along with friends Mim (Cree Cichhino) and Lewis (Lucas Jaye) go on an adventure to save the Finches and stumble upon more secrets. Meanwhile Ron learns that his wife had a very attractive fiancé that she must now team up with to get them out of a potentially deadly situation.

This movie has it all – action, adventure, humor, silliness, heart-warming lessons, and a delightful cast. Sometimes it can be disjointed, but it’s certainly not the identity crisis My Spy went through.

As far as performance goes , kids have done a great job and makes the movie worth a watch.The story is cliché with a standard format and could have been better.

Watch it with no expectation and trust me you will like this family entertainer. Watch it with your kids , it’s a decent one timer family flick.

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