WHO Chief praises “Dharavi Model”

Based on inputs by Swaroop Manjrekar

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has praised the efforts taken by administation to succesfully control the spread of coronavirus in Dharavi Asia’s largest slum, in Mumbai city. The densely polulated slum has a population density of 2.27 lakh per sqkm.

“Dharavi has successfully controlled the outbreak despite its intensity, said the WHO Director General. “A strong focus on community engagement and the basics of testing, tracing, isolating and treating all those that are sick is key to breaking the chains of transmission and suppressing the virus.” He added.

On Tuesday, Dharavi reported only one coronavirus case after the successful containment.

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) seems to be in total control over the Corona spread while rest of Mumbai is struggling to flatten the Covid curve.

The biggest challenge that MCGM faced was of social distancing with no possibility of ‘home quarantine’ in the slums. This herculean task was made possible when 47,500 households were covered by doctors and private clinics. 14,970 people screened in mobile vans. More than 3.6 lakh people screened. 8,246 senior citizens surveyed.

Arrangements were made for providing treatment and food to the residents Only critical patients were moved outside Dharavi for admission to hospitals while 90% patients were treated inside the area.

The cause was also well supported by BMC who conducted proactive screening in high-risk zones and organised fever camps to identify the suspects.

24 private doctors came forward and BMC provided them with PPE Kits, thermal scanners, pulse oxymeters, masks, gloves and started door-to-door screening in high-risk zones..

All private hospitals were taken onboard and acquired for treatment. A 200-bed hospital was also set up in record 14 days. all available schools, marriage halls, sports complexes etc. were set up to provide institutional quarantine facilities.

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