All about SheshNaag; the train

The Indian Railway has made us proud again.It has set a new record when it inaugrated and operated a train named SheshNaag.

The train is 2.8 km long and is the longest train ever created and operated by the Indian Railways. The credit of this train goes to South East Central Railway Zone, Nagpur Division of the Indian Central Railways.

The Longest Train in India runs between Nagpur in the western state of Maharashtra to Korba in the North-Western State of Haryana. 

The SheshNaag train has a total of 251 wagons, as well as four electric locomotives which are fitted in between to pull these wagons together. The longest train in India was created by amalgamating four empty BOXN rakes, these rakes were then powered by four sets of electric locomotives.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal lauded the achievement and tweeted,

“The record 2.8 km long freight train was successfully operated by the Railways. This experiment of connecting 4 rakes to run on the long train named Sheshnag was successful. This allows more goods to be sent from one place to another at a time.”

In a tweet, Indian Railways said,

“Indian Railways breaks another record. Operates  ‘SheshNaag’, a 2.8 Km long train amalgamating 4 empty BOXN rakes, powered by 4 sets of electric locomotives ‘SheshNaag’ is the longest train ever to run on Indian Railways.”

On June 30, the Railway Ministry had run a 177-coach freight train named ‘Super Anaconda’. The division has tweeted,

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