Hold your hand and be your own friend…

Article written by Prerna Mehrotra Gupta

It is very easy to say these words like No, I cannot do this, we will do it later, come tomorrow; I am busy and don’t have time and so on. These are the sign of procrastination. so today I will try to discuss the harmful effects of procrastination.

P –  People will dislike us

R –  Restless future because work will pile up

O –  other won’t trust us

C –  churn our personality as a lazy person

R –  remain under pressure

A –  always lag behind from others

S –  several things bother you at the same time

T –  tension level increases

I –   increase your temperament in future and finally, we will land up doing nothing

N –  nobody will entertain this attitude so be ready for rejection

A –  adverse effects on other’s work also.

T –  time will take revenge because today you waste time tomorrow when time’s  time come then time will take revenge

I –  increases your stress

O –  odious life-  if we keep doing procrastination then our life will become odious

N –  noxious for our personal and professional life

So here I”ll quote “Tomorrow might never come” so do your work today only. Now Question arises how???

Someone truly said that self-help is the best help because it is a habit of confidently standing on one’s own legs.  So here I will try to discuss how self-help is the best help.

S –  self development, when we do our work alone then we  get the opportunity to learn from our mistake

E –  enable us to be at par excellence. We can become an expert if we indulge ourselves in the habit of self-help

L –  leaves one in perils so that one independently comes out of the situation unscathed

F –  freedom from dependency on others

H –  helps in increasing our confidence level

E –  enable us to strengthen our self-esteem

L –  leaves us in a situation where we can alone churn our owns personality

P –  pacifies our mind                                                                                        

  So be your own friend and live your life independently, master your own mind and come out of the habit of procrastination through self-help,.

In the end I would like to close this with “BE YOUR OWN GURU” and hold your own hand and motivate yourself because no one else can understand you better than you yourself


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