There is no success without a failure…

Article written by Prerna Mehrotra Gupta

Life is another name of a struggle sometimes we get opportunities sometime we won’t get opportunities but life never stops as I always say, so we should never give up until we reach our last goal. So today I will try to discuss why should we never give up?

  • N-nuisance situation makes you a master in handling the same so never give up
  • E-embarrassing situation makes you a learner so never give up
  • V-vulnerable positions make you more alert so never give up
  • E-egregious situation makes you more focused so never give up
  • R-restless efforts lead you towards success so never give up
  • G-gregarious attempt makes you more sociable so never give up
  • I-immense struggle to get something makes you self-dependent so never give up
  • V-various rejection makes you aware of the future hurdle so never give up
  • E-enormous anguishes help in increasing your endurance so never give up
  • U-unavoidable situation makes you strong so never give up
  • P-practice makes the men perfect so never give up

So last I will end with the quote “hurdle may come and hurdle may go but life goes on forever so never give up”.

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