Web Series Review – Aarya

Movie Review by Rishu Kapoor

Based on a dutch show Penoza, this series is created by film maker Ram Madhvani (Neerja Fame) and is currently streaming on Disney Hotstar.

The first season of the series comprises of 9 episodes that gives us the story (co-written by Sandeep Srivastava and Anu Singh Choudhary) of a woman who is catapulted into the hot-seat of her dodgy family business. Sushmita sen plays Aarya, the drug dealer’s wife who takes on her husband’s (Chandrachur Singh) business after he suffers a horrible attack. The reins of the job fall in her manicured hands as she struggles through the muck of violence, blackmail, lies and treachery to keep her three kids safe. The premise sounds simple but this crime thriller is packed with ample twists and an unpredictable narrative in most of the instances.

It’s a great come back by Sushmita Sen , she plays the character of Aarya with poise, power, pith, might, merit, beauty and brilliance. It was even good to see chandrachur after a long time and like all other characters he was equally effective in his performance.

Though the show is slow in parts but there is a constant engagement with the characters , story , sub plots and this will make sure that you are glued to the screen. I liked the way bhagwat gita reference has been integrated making some actions on screen more relatable.

Overall it’s a gripping crime web series which is worth binge watching. Looking forward for the 2nd season.

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