The Unnecessary Pain

Article by Prerna Mahrotra Gupta

  • Unwanted future tensions like what will happen in future. Why cannot we live in present? And why can’t we understand this fact that the future is uncertain?
  • Never-ending negative thought like I know I will not do this
  • Never-ending fight with ourselves like why I am like this?
  • Expectation (expectation from others)
  • Care for someone (over caring not giving space to someone)
  • Excessive, excitement for something. (Excess of anything is bad)
  • Sorrows of ” missing some moment”
  • Sorrow of “forgetting something”
  • Anger/arrogance (your own anger and arrogance only gives you immense pain)
  • Recalling bad memories
  • Yearly personal target

So far we have found that all the above tensions are personal, so now the question arises how it can leave a person in pain.

  • Personal tensions
  • Allow
  • Individuals to
  • Neglect their goal.

In conclusion, I would like to leave one question for you all. Are you still ready to take such unnecessary pain? Life is what you make it. There is no point in blaming others. No matter what, You will mess up sometimes.

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