Methods To Overcome Unnecessary Pains

Article written by Prerna Mahrotra Gupta

In my earlier post, I talked about unnecessary pain. Now I will try to find out the solutions for the same.

I have always believed that there is no problem that does not have a solution. I propose the following methods, which can help overcome our unnecessary pain.

Meditation– It is 100% helpful if one is determined to meditate, however it is not so easy additionally it is also not feasible for everyone to find time for meditation. For those who might have diffculty following this I will provide you other alternatives.

Engage yourself – Try to be devoted to your work and engage in it fully so that your “unnecessary pain” would not bother you.

Talk to yourself – Motivate yourself to evaluate your thinking and try to change it and then slowly try to overcome your unnecessary pain by holding your own hand first. Please remember, you are your best friend

Go on a Holiday – Holidays are the days of recreation and rest so it will definitely help a person to overcome their unnecessary pain. So give yourself a break from these-worldly tensions.

Leave the Past behind – Overcome your past and live in present, try your level best to drop all your past memories especially the bad ones and remember all the happy ones. You can do this by mastering your own mind through reading positive books, doing yoga, exercising and dancing. Play some games with kids, do some cooking, if nothing else left, just do whatever you like to do because- Dil to bacha hai Ji.

Prioritise work – Set your priority and do your work accordingly, trust me, it will definitely help you to overcome from such unnecessary pain and you will be able to focus on your intended goal.

In the end, I wish these methods help any one of us to reduce pain and meet their intended goal. I just hope these methods help some individuals to live their life successfully.

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