Covid-19 Pandamic-Your Work from home needs a KitKat Break.

Article written by Prerna Mehrotra Gupta

In this fast-moving life, everybody is reconciled with the fact that money won’t give them a true sense of completeness, compassion & wisdom in their life. In this time of lockdown Every day after long hours of struggle, balancing both personal as well as professional with no energy left and then we have to fulfil the expectation of our family too by spending some quality time with them. Now the question arises that are we actually balancing these two lives perfectly? I think most of the people will answer this question with a big NO because their life is trapped in a vicious circle of stress. So here we are discussing a few points on how Yoga can help corporate people in reducing their stress level.

  • C-Cools our mind with less effort. Yoga does not allow our negativity to squeeze our energy because an unhealthy mind not only hampers the growth of a person but in turn also hampers the growth of a company.
  • O-Opportunity to balance your energy level. Yoga gives us an opportunity to maintain the balance between mind and body. Perfect correlation gives you perfect outcome & in turn, becomes an inspiration for others.
  • R-Refreshes our body and keeps you away from diseases like high blood pressure, insomnia etc. “One cannot build a tower on a broken land. Employees are the asset of a company and their illness represents the company illness.
  • P-Plays an important role in enhancing an employee’s attitude and confidence level. “Confidence comes from discipline and training” so let’s sow the seed of confidence in our life through yoga.
  • O-One can overcome his/her weakness. Our stress snatches our will power which shakes the roots of our confidence level and then we find ourselves nowhere & we start accentuating our weakness. Yoga is a practice which has the power to shake the root of the stress.
  • R-Resourceful workforce can be built. “A Strong root helps a tree to stand alone for years”. This stress releasing practice can make your employees a strong root of your company.
  • A-Ability to multi-task without feeling agitated.”Multi-tasking can also give fruitful results if one is doing his job with a full heart” but then the question arises are we doing our work joyfully?
  • T-Time saving technique because we know “Healthy mind gives more output in less time”.
  • E-Employees become more productive. Yoga improves morale, job satisfaction and positive thinking patterns.
  • Y-Young at heart forever.”Be the master of your mind rather let your mind to master you “. One can live a healthy life, he just needs to sow the seed of yoga in his daily life.
  • O-Office becomes a place of fun where the workload will never restrict the energy of employees. “Happy environment generate more revenue”.
  • G-General well being at the workplace. When employees indulge themselves in stress-releasing activities then they all become stress buster for one another by not only motivating but also through helping each other.“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
  • A-Ability to react more calmly can be enhanced in more demanding situations amongst employees. “Calm minds bring inner strength & self-confidence among the team.”

Stress can lead to mental sickness which can become the cause of depression. In India most of the people are suffering from depression. They know they are ill, but their mental condition is not strong enough to enforce them to practice any stress releasing activity but our mission is to cut the root cause of this situation by creating awareness among the masses about the benefits of yoga.

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