Racism is absurd

Written By Cliff Woodger

Racism would be absurd… even if there were such a thing as race. There isn’t!  Now seems like a good time to point this out.

I think it is fascinating to look at race and racism from a scientific perspective.

Those people (or, better, idiots) who consider themselves superior because of the colour of their skin or because of their “race” are missing an important point; there is no such thing!

Not strictly true, of course. There IS the human race. But within that, there are no races. Not scientifically. Not genetically. Racists believe (mistakenly) that there is a scientific, genetic difference between them and the people that they consider to be of a different “race”.

What they fail to understand, of course, is that we only need to go back about 3000 years in human history to find the common single human ancestor of every single human alive on Earth today. Every single one of us is of mixed race.

Purists believe they are pure. A racist white person, like a racist of any “colour” (whatever that means!) is convinced that they are purely white (or purely of that other “colour”); that they are not at all, for example, black (or of any other “non-white” component, for want of a better term). They are wrong. Completely wrong.

Dear racist, you are not only OF mixed race. You ARE mixed race. Your racism is even (or should be) directed at yourself, just as much as you think it should be directed at others; those you believe to be different from you and inferior to you simply because they look different.

Of course, in fact, your racism should neither be directed at them nor at yourself. In truth, it should not exist in the first place! Your racism is based entirely not only on ignorance, but on a fundamental misunderstanding of science. You believe that there is a genetic difference between you and those to whom you direct your racism. WRONG!

Barack Obama, for example, is often cited as the first black US president. But, of course, Barack Obama is no more black than he is white and even saying that he is the first mixed-race president of the US is flawed, because every president before him and since (yes, even you, dear white-supremacist ignoramus-supremo, Donald Trump) is mixed-race!

So, perhaps it is time to remind the ignorant thugs, the morons, the idiots… the racists, that the entire basis upon which they rest their self-awarded supremacy is based entirely on a myth, on a misunderstanding and on a complete and utter ignorance of science, genetics, reality and their own family-tree.

Race is a social-construct (perhaps, more accurately, an antisocial one).

If you, like me, prefer a scientific (aka truthful) explanation for what we experience and live, rather than the non-peer-reviewed, non-rigorous disciplines such as sociology and religion, then, if you have access to it, take a listen to the BBC’s excellent Infinite Monkey Cage and, in particular, the Series 13 episode entitled “What is race?” (available through the BBC Sounds app).

It was, having listened to this, that I felt confident in saying, and writing, the first sentence in this message of mine:

Racism would be absurd… even if there were such a thing as race.

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