UP CM taking care of 16 lakh migrant workers

Uttar Pradesh government is making a policy through which it can provide low-cost shops and houses to migrant workers who have returned to their native villages from different parts of the country due to the lockdown.

Yogi Adityanath’s government has ensured that -led government has also completed skill mapping for nearly 16 lakh workers. The state has become the first to do this kind of exercise and this will help the government create skill-specific jobs for the migrants.

As per sources, the urban development department has been tasked with coming up with a plan for cheap housing and rentals for migrant workers and the chief secretary will coordinate with various departments for drafting it.

Among various proposals being worked out is asking local bodies and private builders to provide space to workers in multistory buildings. For this, relief in floor area ratio, GST, etc could be provided to the builder. Government buildings and land will also be identified for creation of dormitories and shops.

These will come with water, power and sewer facilities, an official said. He added that rent could also be reduced for migrant workers for both residential and commercial use of a property.

Two days back CM reviewed the work taking place under the newly set up Workers (employment and livelihood) Welfare Commission.

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