Covid-19: After Apple, Google makes its own face shield

Traversing same path as Apple, Google has also started distributing its version of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the US. The search giant reportedly donated some 49,000 face shields that was designed and assembled by the Google engineers. The company apparently used its global supply chain to source clear plastic, elastic, and foam to make sure that the portion of the face shield resting on the forehead of the worker doesn’t leave indents after hours of use.

It has been added that the face shield was created by Google engineers after consulting physicians and nurses at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Hospitals & Clinics.  

“Bottom-line, these face shields will help save lives,” said Valley Medical Center Foundation CEO Chris Wilder. “We need to keep the people on the frontline of this crisis safe and Google’s donation is helping us do just that.”

This step by Google comes days after Apple introduced its own version of face shield. The iPhone maker, more recently, revealed its process of creating the protective gear so others can develop it as well.

Both Google and Apple are already working together on using contact tracing in iPhones and Android smartphones to curb the Covid-19 spread. The aim behind this is to let users know if they have any infected person nearby or not. The tech is supposed to use both the location data and Bluetooth of the handset.

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