21 day Challenge

Written by Dancing Breeze

With the recent announcement of 21 days lockdown by our honourable PM, all of a sudden we are left with being at home in the same situation with zero social interaction. What are we going to achieve in this phase? I think a lot of things along with reducing the effect of the pathogen which has made us think and rethink of our very own existence, and brought in panic. Every coin has two sides. If lockdown means staying at home, it also means spending good time with family and your own very self. When was the last time you sat in peace with not doing anything even for few minutes. This also means with no mobile in hand! When was the last time you developed a new hobby or read a nice book, or even tried to recreate old memories.  Those ageing photo albums need few pairs of eyes to see them and browse through. What about some old videos and photos that are just eating away your digital space? How often have you looked at them? How often have you had a good interaction with your kids, ageing parents and the most ignored of all -your spouse? I am sure by now you may have better ideas too.

 Another interesting thing to look at is that science has proven a human brain needs 21-28 days to develop a habit. So why not look at the 21 days lockdown this way? As we know, a habit is hard to give up or inculcate too. Let’s use these 21 days to form a good habit and give away one habit that you think is not so good. A not so good habit can be as simple as chewing your lips while focusing or reading which in turn chaps your lips or burping loud, which could be disgust at times in public. As simple as it sounds, a conscious effort will help you overcome it. Few habits that you may like to add to your routine can be reading every day or getting up early, developing a new hobby, having early dinner or even exercising and meditation. For exercising you don’t need to hit the gym or go down to walk, please don’t forget Physical Training from school, spot marching, jogging will give you similar benefits. Also a good habit like making your kid read a book each day, simple ones like communicating with them in your mother tongue, revising Maths tables each day, playing simple games, teaching prayers, teaching them about humanity will go a long way. 

Hoping that this is once in a lifetime situation and with all the mayhem happening around, let’s try to focus on what’s in our hands and what we can do at our best. So use this time, practice what you want to inculcate, spend good time with your family, use limited resources as possible and stay safe!


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