Justice done … finally

Today morning at 530 AM, justice was done. Four men convicted of Nirbhaya gang rape and murder on December 16, 2012, were hanged . This marked an end to the horrific episode that had rocked the soul of the nation.

The initial date for execution was set for January 22 however this was delayed by almost two months, as the men explored all possible legal avenue to escape the gallows.

Speaking to IANS, Asha Devi said, “Justice has been delivered today. Four convicts have been hanged till death. Today’s rising sun is dedicated to the daughters of this country. Not only Nirbhaya, but the entire country that was shaken to its core on that December 16 night in 2012, was delivered justice.”

Satisfied and relieved after confirmation that her daughter’s attackers were dead she said, “Our fight for security of daughters across the country will continue”.

“I returned from the Supreme Court, hugged my daughter’s photograph and told her: ‘Today, justice has been delivered’ . I dedicate this day — March 20 to all the women in the country because Nirbhaya got justice, today,” she added.

She said: “Proud to be known as Nirbhaya’s mother. She fought so hard. And I have waited long to see this day. The flaw in our justice system were exposed. But finally all four were hanged in one go. A first of its kind of justice, which will definitely be a lesson to others.”.

The road to the gallows was a long, going through the lower courts, the High Court, the Supreme Court and the president’s office before going back to the Supreme Court that heard and rejected various curative petitions. The death warrants were deferred by a court thrice on the grounds that the convicts had not exhausted all their legal remedies and that the mercy petition of one or the other was before the president.

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