Movie Review Baaghi 3

Movie Review By Rishi Kapoor

After surviving this senseless over the top movie my first reaction was why was the need to make this crap specially when we have better things to fight ( It would have been better if Tiger was out on a mission to Kill Carona Virus). Like his previous films Tiger is beating up anything and everything in the current chapter that can be broken or shredded — men, cars, tanks, helicopters, his shirts. He bounces off buildings, treads on air; delivers triple roundhouse kicks and does devastating stuff with his hands and feet. And trust me this one is the worst among the 3 in the franchisee .

The story of two brothers – Tiger and Riteish Deshmukh , who share a deep bond of affection. Ronnie, the more dashing of the two has been protective about Vikram since they were young. In a turn of events Vikram, a cop, is sent to Syria where, he soon realises, it was a trap. Who should then be Syria-bound but Ronnie — it is a question of rescuing his brother, after all. What follows – Ronnie the one-man army taking on an entire nation’s army. This over rated action movie lacks soul , there is no story and the dialogues are third grade , today when most of the movies dialogue plays an important role ( Shubh Mangal Zyaada savdhan , Panga , etc.) this ones have the worst ( Credit : Farhad Samji). It is also absurd, you realise, as Ronnie virtually takes on an entire nation singlehandedly to save his brother.

Nothing is what it seems in this farce that neglects the basic details while passing off Serbia as Syria, Jaipur as Agra and Turkish tea as kahwa. Ahmed Khan could have at least bothered to check what a Syrian cop’s uniform looks like. I have somehow realised that these choreographers should stop making movies and focus on dance moves ( this statement is purely after watching Ahmed khan’s , Remo Dsouza and Ganesh Acharya directed movies in the past).

I really laughed loud at is gun-toting Syrian police running around like puppets and taking orders from Tiger and Shraddha while they single-handedly take down global terrorism.

The funniest part is the head of Global terror outfit is hunted down so easily by an Indian who was so far untraceable by US , Russian’s and the local police.

When it comes to performances – Tiger is limited in emotional scenes, Shraddha Kapoor has little to do other than being perky before interval and tanned after it and Ritiesh’s namby-pamby act gets repetitive. More unsettling is to watch good actors reduced to silly stock characters like Vijay Varma playing a Pakistani thug, who speaks in a Hyderabadi accent and Jaideep Ahlawat as the proverbial goonda developing a golden heart in the middle of a landmine.

The only good thing is Disha’s Item number ( another way to lure single screen audience). A movie which is absolute waste of time so avoid it unless you are a big time Tiger Shroff fan.

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