No bag day: On Saturdays, don’t take the bag to school

Based on inputs by Shahid Kazi

To reduce pressure on school children, Saturdays will be ‘No Bag Day’ in all government schools in Rajasthan. The chief minister Ashok Gehlot said that the day will be utilised for parent-teacher meets, games, happiness therapy and personality development.

Speaking in the assembly the CM said “For the physical, mental and intellectual development of students, they will be given a day off from studies. On this day, extra-curricular activities will be held for students.”

Reducing study-related stress on students has been a long-standing demand. The government had recently introduced integrated books in government schools to reduce weight of school bags.

Vipin Sharma, a government teacher at Sanganer School, said the “This is a good initiative. On weekends, students and teachers can relax and think about the development of students outside academic curriculum,” said Vipin.

The move has come only for government schools, but the private schools have also started giving students a certain portion of their day free from academic pressure.

Principal of Cambridge Court World School, Mrs Rawat said “We haven’t decided a particular day in the week but we set the time-table in a way that students get a few periods free. In those periods, they can opt for any extra-curricular activity including sports, dance, and fine arts or read books in the library. It is important for the students’ overall development,” said Rawat.

MPS International School has recently introduced ‘five days a week’ plan for students till Class II. Archana Singh, principal of the school, said that the weekend will give students and teachers time to work on themselves. “For higher classes, we are in the process to start classes where they do not have to worry about the studies. Skill development classes are our prime focus,” said Singh.

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