33-year-old on mission to make buildings accessible for disabled.

Based on inputs by Shahid kazi

33-year-old Prateek Khandelwal has taken initiative to make public buildings disabled-friendly. Prateek, who is an entrepreneur, had injured his spinal cord in 2014 in an accident and his himself on wheelchair since then,

In 2014, Khandelwal accidentally fell from an under-construction building injuring his spinal cord badly. The accident not only left him with a paraplegia but also with a health condition that was only meant to deteriorate in the face of a damaged nervous system and no proven medical solutions to heal it.

Khandelwal has now made it a mission to ease the life of people who are also wheelchair-bound like him. “I took the initiate in Bangalore 18 months ago. Now, 30 restaurants have constructed ramps after we took up the issue with them for helping people on wheelchair lead their life with freedom,” he said.

Khandelwal wants to replicate the initiative in Jaipur along with other prominent cities of the country. “There are laws for making government buildings disabled friendly. There is a big chuck of physically challenged population whose lives are confined to their houses since places such as restaurants and other buildings are not disabled friendly,” he said.

Today, he is taking measures to facilitate infrastructural changes for wheelchair users where he not only provides ramping solutions to local eateries, sports academies and other public utilities, but also trains employees and staff of the organizations to change their thought processes towards people facing a physical challenge.

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