Ghaziabad Police acts against autos playing loud music

Ghaziabad Police have started a drive against auto-rickshaws, tempos and e-rickshaws in the city playing loud music. They have decided to slap fines of Rs 2,500 on violators after receiving regular complaints from passengers about drivers who play “distasteful songs in Bhojpuri and Haryanvi” at full blast, creating a nuisance.

Police have asked drivers to remove music systems from their vehicles. Loud music blaring from autos and e-rickshaws has also led to road accidents, say cops, as the driver couldn’t concentrate on the road.

Kalanidhi Naithani, SSP, Ghaziabad told “Police have given two days to all auto-rickshaw drivers to remove music systems from their autos. From February 1, police will start inspection and issue challans of Rs 2,500 under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988,” he said. “If the same driver is caught twice by the police for this offence, then an FIR will be lodged against him under the section 290 (punishment for public nuisance) of IPC and the police will arrest him,” Naithani said.

“The decision is planned with the intent to ensure safety of women commuters and enforce social discipline among auto and tempo drivers. The enforcement of social discipline through precautionary measures of not allowing vulgar songs in public transport vehicles would help in checking street crimes,” the SSP said.

Commuters, especially women and college-going girls, have appreciated this move. “The drivers of auto-rickshaws and tempos play vulgar songs and makes for an uncomfortable experience for us. If this applies, then girls and women will commute in auto-rickshaws freely,” said a girl.

SSP further said that modified motorcycles will not be allowed in the city from February 1. “Most of the modified motorcycles have high-pressure horns and refashioned silencers which cause sound pollution. These types of motorcycles will also be fined Rs 2,500 the first time, and if caught a second time, an FIR and arrest will follow,” Naithani said.

Police will also ask the automobile shops in Ghaziabad to stop selling automobile accessories like high-volume silencers and high-pressure horns in the district.

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