“The Next Real Want”, by the best-selling author of “It’s Not How It’s Why”, – Ranjit Samal.

Have managed to go through the recently released book “The Next Real Want”, by the best-selling author of “It’s Not How It’s Why”, – Ranjit Samal. This book is an inspirational fiction and is for all the youngsters, start-up enthusiast, Graduates, corporates and for everyone who believes in following one’s’ passion.

Within the pages is an extraordinary book where the reader will discover a practical yet powerful process to understand one’s intuition, follow one’s heart and re-create the life connecting with the best version of “oneself”. Written with a high impact story considering today’s youth mindset, start-up environment, engaging technology of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning – The NEXT REAL WANT presents you a potential blend of life lesson and growing through understanding the “Inner You” , following your passion and being a reason for others to follow you.

In this masterpiece & revolutionary, yet a guide to follow your heart & live life at its most meaningful way, you’ll learn:-

  • How to be aware & understand about “You” & “Inner You”.
  • How to be at the best of your attitude paradigm and build your career.
  • Defining the effective focus area of one’s life.
  • Follow the life lessons for constant growth and create your own identity.
  • Being at your toes to start something of your own.
  • Managing the dark side of your life and converting it into a positive one.
  • Learn the art of believing yourself & producing quality results.
  • Sustain trust & unity, thereby concentrating on victory than being worried about it.
  • Exploring the Zeal within you.

Understanding today’s youth mindset, the author has taken the story to college days where the Protagonist, Raghav, a young start-up enthusiast who clicks every door to materialize his inspiring ideas and is forced to confront his real life. The journey of struggle, out of balance, misery and human consciousness encourages him to meet different life situation – which enforces to understand the “Inner Self” and beyond.

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