My dream…..

Written by Shilpa Nadkarni

I wish I was there..
I dreamt being there..
I studied, I worked hard, I slogged to be there,
And believe me..
My dream has come true..
I am here, where I always wanted to be
I’m so happy
I’m so happy
But its not the end of the story

Today, I lost someone, I decided to stay back and take a day off..
I decided to stay back for my family,
for my near and dear ones,
for the ones who really needed me..
I dropped in a couple of messages reading:
‘A loss in extended family, taking a day off.’
I was expecting atleast a single message of RIP …

But …
Not a single reply, no one enquired, everyone was lost in their own worlds…
Too engrossed in their own work..

No one has time and energy to enquire about the person besides him/ her.

There might be many like me, who can replace me there,
But who can replace me in my family…?

I will stop going there at 58.
There will be a short and sweet farewell while I leave, everyone will speak about me which would be superficial for sure..

What’s my value today??? How much do I make???
Maybe a 6 digit number
Which makes me run, slog, struggle, take all the stress and complimentary ailments to pay big fat medical bills, no ME time, no family time, my spouse prefers spending time with his/ her friends coz majorly I am dating with my work..

Am I a human or have I become a robot without feelings, emotions, following the orders from my MASTER (the 0s that come my way)

A workaholic
(My new identity)


  • Chetan Vishram pagnis

    This is life..what to do ? I.dont think one has an answer unless he starts accepting that there is much more out side this materialistic world. Anyways you presented the current situation quite well. Love you dear sister…CHETAN


  • Very true and nicely written Shilpa! Well expressed.
    Best wishes to you on your endeavour.



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