Review – Street dancer 3D

Movie Review by Rishi Kapoor

Another dance film by Remo D’Souza, another ABCD film but this time titled Street Dancer 3D (unlike the earlier two films).

From showing their dancing skills for an Indian reality show in the first part and then upgrading it with Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor and swanky Las Vegas in the second part, Street Dancer shows the cast of the film as residents of London but originally belonging to India and Pakistan.

There is hardly any story , screenplay is really bad and the dialogues are way below average . Story of Varun & Shraddha who are from India & Pakistan but raised in London are always at loggerheads and compete against each other when it comes to dancing. However, for a purpose they reunite with the help of Prabhu Deva and dance to express, not to impress.

Movie appears nothing more than a compilation of indistinguishable performances. The dance here looks like action set-pieces, bodily contortions and jumps and leaps in the air. Similar and repetitive at that, and stretching way too long over 150 minutes. There is mish mash of multi events , there is an emotional “injured brother” track and a romantic India-Pakistan romance brewing on the side. The dashing Indian will “rescue” the girl from her conservative Pakistani family, while her heart and conscience will bring out the hidden goodness in him.

The director tries to pack in a dash of social relevance too by talking, in an utterly garbled way at that, about refugee culture and illegal immigration.

The VFX is good but the 3D effect is poor ( they could have just made the 2 D version). The only high point that ignites the screen a wee bit is Prabhudeva reprising his Muqabala routine.

For lead actors Varun and Shraddha, it would have taken some crazy hours of practice to get those moves right. And if not stand out, they do match up to the professional dancers standing next to them. The surprise package here is Prabhudheva as Anna, a former performer-turned-restaurateur who becomes the force behind the rivals burying the hatchet for a good cause.

The movie is a drag , could have been easily edited by 20-30 mins. Overall it’s a below average movie .

Watch it only if you like dance movies or like watching dance reality shows. I would suggest go and take a Panga ( worth a watch).

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