Story written by Shaily Kapil Kalra

It was a lonely house with silence that seemed to be there for eternity.

A couple was softly talking with each other. They were interrupted by a creaky sound of a door being opened. The wife said “Shh… looks like someone is here.” The husband trying to listen to the footsteps asked “Is this our daughter?”.

The wife objected “It can’t be her. She hasn’t been home since her marriage. May be it’s our son”.

Husband’s voice was in pain, “For what has he come now?”. The wife put a hand on his shoulder and said “Please forgive him. It’s been years now”. The husband just kept silent.

The wife continued “As parents we gave our children the best possible we could afford. We taught them many valuable lessons”. “Yes we did everything, still we went wrong somewhere. How did they learn anger, greed and hatred? We never taught those.” disappointment and hurt was obvious in her voice.

Silence engulfed the room.

“He is not alone this time, there is a woman with her. I think he loves her” the wife said happily. The husband was angry, agitated “What rubbish, he cannot love anyone”.

“Please don’t say that! Yes, I agree he has made mistakes. But please don’t be so harsh on our son. Our only son” wife said. The husband interrupted angrily “You call it a mistake? It was a crime!”. The wife responded worried “For how long do you think he will be able to keep this a secret?”. “He better keep it for the whole life, for his own sake”, responded the husband.

“In fact, we are the ones being punished. When will we find peace?” The wife said crying. The husband was concerned, he consoled “We are his parents, we can forgive him. I am worried about the law and almighty. They have their own ways. We can only pray.”

Keeping her hand on her chest the wife said “ I pray to god everyday to show mercy on my child and keep him away from doing anymore sins. I curse that day when he wanted us to sign the property papers and we refused to do so.”

The man trying to be strong, said to his wife,” I pray for him too. I don’t want anyone to know that we were killed and buried in our own house by our own son.”

“God please, forgive our son from his sins, show mercy on him and on us,” the parents prayed together.

Heavy silence filled up the empty space ……………… again.

The world of unconditional love is given to us by our parents. The parents forgive their children irrespective of how bad their behaviour is. We should love and respect our parents. They are the gift of GOD.

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