Film Review – Good News

Movie Review by Rishi Kapoor

What a way to end the year , a good light entertainer with right dose of emotions sums up this movie.

Debut director Raj Mehta deals with a rather serious subject of two couples opting for IVF (In-vitro Fertilisation) with a generous mix of comedy and emotions. An urban comedy with its heart in the right place, movie just hits the right spot.

The story premise is way simple the way it’s been depicted in the trailer. Akki is the Mumbai city slicker Varun Batra who has it all in life but for a child. While he doesn’t have an ounce of paternal instinct, his wife Deepti aka Deepu (Kareena Kapoor Khan) and family, are bent on him tasting the joys of parenthood. When nothing works, in-vitro fertilisation is sought as the way out. All well; only a couple from Chandigarh — Honey and Monika (Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani) — with the same surname, also decides to reach out to the same fertility clinic. All hell breaks loose when their sperms get interchanged.

The deliberate light-hearted treatment of such a serious subject is entertaining. Even though Mehta gives ample scope to his actors to perform and do what they’re best at, he doesn’t let them step out of the vision he has for the film. Mehta, Jyoti Kapoor and Rishabh Sharma pen some clever and witty dialogues.

Good Newwz again reminds us how good Akshay can be with comedy. In fact, you can call this one of his best comedic performances in the recent times, far from the Housefull brand of cinema. He plays a man-child but is okay taking sarcastic taunts from his wife on a daily basis. And those grey flecks in the hair are really working for him. Kareena yet again proves why she’s the best in the business. With a well etched out character, Kareena is especially impressive in the emotional portions.

As for the other Batras, there’s never a dull moment when Diljit is on screen. For someone who talks so less in real life, it’s quite an irony that his character has the maximum lines with boisterousness to boot. Kiara also picks up the nuances of her Punjabi character really well but never goes overboard as the flashy Punjabi she plays in the film.

Overall movie has the right mix to make it an entertainer and like mentioned in my opening line a perfect way to end the year with a light hearted comic caper. A good watch !

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