Kriya Labs provides solution to Parali

Kriya Labs, a startup incubated at TBIU-IIT Delhi, has developed a process to convert agro-waste such as rice straw (parali) into pulp. This pulp can be used to make bioethanol, paper, tablewares. This initiative would mean that the farmers will also generate profits from their waste instead of burning it off.

Unlike existing pulp making process, which requires heavy machinery and economy of scale, the process used by this startup can be economically integrated and sustainably run even in smaller scales (1-10 TPD). It is a cyclic process producing useful byproducts.

Additionally, the solvent system developed by Kriya Labs for the process is also completely biodegradable, non-volatile, made of natural products and completely safe to use.

This is a great achievement as it has the potential to solve the issue of burning Parali, that has suffocated millions across cities. This would not only help the farmers but will also prevent air polution.

The state and central governments have the machinery to buy stubble and generate employment opportunity as well, so as to benefit the farmers and local residents

The goverments at state and centre should take responsibility and use this to resolve issues. Positive news corner will do whatever it can to reach out to governments and make them aware. They need to open up their eyes instead of playing a blame game.

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