Small cities opt for “Made in India”

Based on inputs by Meeta K

This year Diwali shopping, in small towns like Gorakhpur and Guwahati was more inclined towards “Made in India” unlike previously when Indian market was flooded with “China ka maal”.

During Diwali markets all over the country were stocked with a variety of lights, and candles, along with other popular items used during Diwali celebrations. There was a huge variety starting from candles (from scented to gel-based) and decorative lights , variety of “Go Green” crackers, and spinners which hover like helicopters.

People have bought goods made in India. Vishal, a retailer from Gorakhpur, informed that this year people are leaving behind the Chinese lights and going for Indian versions. “Ranging from Rs. 15 to Rs. 250, we have a range of Indian lights depending on a person’s needs and their budget,” he said. “What is selling more are the locally made lights, people are choosing them over others this time,” shared Shraddhanand Arya, another retailer.

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