Movie review – War

Movie Review by Rishi Kapoor

Movie which is high on style , action & drama but story seems to be weak. An action masala movie targeting the masses and is actually planned keeping in mind creating dhoom kind of sequel out of the basic premise of Rouge agent saving the country.

The movie revolve around Khalid played (Tiger Shroff) who is assigned to find and eliminate his mentor and senior agent Kabir (Hrithik Roshan), now gone rogue. The will brings them together in death-defying situations until one has to win over the other. What follows is a series of high-profile chase scenes from two years ago in order to first establish Kabir and Khalid’s camaraderie, which includes a dance duet, and from present-day to establish how Kabir’s best student is the only one who can bring him down.

Directed by Siddharth Anand, movie focuses more on action sequences though some are amateurly choreographed ( like the introduction scene of Tiger ). Hrithik — Bollywood’s resident Greek god, unapologetically flaunts his age and swag. You’d love those wrinkles.

Tiger the current hot favourite among youth delivers an honest performance even though he seems absolutely star struck by his reel and real life mentor .

Vaani Kapoor only appears in the film in its second half, and before you can even understand what her role in the plot is, she disappears. The 20-minute forced cameo, with a song thrown in, doesn’t impress one bit. The same goes with the supporting cast , they don’t have much do in this macho film which is all focused on the lead characters and high octane action scenes.

The music is ok looks forced but the background score gels well with the plot. Overall the movie is all about action and on screen chemistry of the lead pair .

Watch it if you are Hrithik’s fan and like action flicks.

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