The stranger

Story by Shaily Kapil Kalra

When the world suffers from a crisis of heavy rainfall and other calamities. The crime rate is on the peak. This is no one’s guess but this what the news report says. 

Mumbai was facing heavy rainfall. The water level in streets was rising high. People were running back to their homes. There stood a lady under a shelter of a small tea stall, wearing a black raincoat, tight fitted leather pant and blocked heels. She was listening to the news on radio, where newsreader was alarming people to be careful as a psychopath was roaming freely on the streets killing people. 

She was standing calmly lit up a cigarette and asked one of the men standing just next to her, “you seem very calm, aren’t you going anywhere?” The man was sipping a cup of tea, he surprisingly looked at her and responded “Yes, I’m just waiting for the rain to stop.” Anxiously he asked her the same question, “Ma’am aren’t you in a hurry to go back home?” The answer was strange and surprising. She stared in his eyes and said “No..”. The ladies eyes were dark deep black. The eyes seemed so strange and so haunting. He couldn’t ask anything else, but questions were flooding his head. However as soon as the rain stopped and he left the place. 

Few minutes later woman too left the place. 

Across the road was her doctor’s clinic. She entered the clinic, it was quite late. The doctor was in hurry to go back home. She sat on one of the brown sofa, took out a cigarette and offered to the doctor. Doctor in despair said “Please take an appointment for next week. Staff has gone and I have to leave”. She assured him it won’t be long, meanwhile, the rain started again. 

The doctor asked her, so “Jazz”, (her real name was Jessica but she loved to be called by the name “Jazz)you are having sleeping distress. She nodded her head and said, “yes, I’m in deep stress, the crime rate is increasing in city. Probably this is the reason I’m not able to sleep. I live alone and get nervous at times.” 

The doctor said, “Ok you are scared of a psychopath, who is killing people. ” She bent towards the table and crushed her cigarette in ashtray. 

Her black long hair came forward as she went back and sat comfortably. She said “No, I’m not scared of the psychopath doc, I’m thinking of the people who died and the blood and the screams oh! Oh! doctor”, she paused for a minute and said “I’m sorry, I’m trying hard to forget, I need stronger medicines doctor. “The doctor said, “Jazz easy, you are tired you need rest.”

He placed a cushion under her head and made her lie down on the couch. Doctor hypnotised her while she slept as he was suspicious regarding the mystery of a psychopath, killings and the blood and screams. Wanted to know if there could be a kind of connection. He began asking her questions. 

When she woke up, she tied her hair with a band that was in her purse. While tying her hair she saw the doctor hands trembling, his hands were shaking and seemed as if he was trying to make a phone call. She rushed towards him snatched the phone saying ”Doc !! what have you done. You should not have made me unconscious, and now you know much more than you should know about me.” The doctor begged and said, “Leave me I’m sorry, I wanted to cure you.” . She said, I have no such word as “ sorry” in my dictionary doc.”

Soon she was out of the clinic, it was still raining heavily, she crossed the road and went back to the same tea stall. She stood under the roof protecting herself from rain.

She lighten another cigarette, kept her bag on nearby chair. Placed one of her legs on the wall and was looking around. She heard someone saying hi to her, calmly she turned around and said, “hey, hello stranger, you are the same guy. We met today morning.” He said,” yes! Ma’am if you don’t mind can you come to my place. I live nearby I make very good tea”. Rain had stopped and the two left the place smiling.

The news on TV could be heard in the back ground. . The psychopath was still on the streets moving freely. 

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