Let’s talk about feminism

“Feminism”, this word is often misunderstood.

There are many people who don’t support feminism; you can alternatively call them “Anti-feminist”. This is mainly because people think feminist are strong and angry women who hate men.

The above is absolutely false. The basic definition of feminism implies that men and women should have equal rights and equal access to opportunities. The Definition involves both men and women. Often we forget that men also are the victims of the same system we thrive in.

One more time, just to be clearer, Feminism does not mean women wanting to rule over everything. It simply means women should have a choice to make life they want.

Over centuries it is believed that women should behave in a certain way as they should be able to cook, be gentle, able to take care of home etc etc. Similarly there are rules for men to behave. Men should earn money, should be able to feed their family. Men should be strong, they are not allowed to vulnerable or sensitive.

So what should we do to establish Feminism?

First of all we should not deny boys to show their emotions. The whole image of Aggressive toxic masculinity needs to be shed permanently.

Secondly, whatever we teach girls should be taught to boys too. and vise versa. Equal opportunities and challenges should to available for both boys and girls.

Thirdly, we should understand that abuse and violence is a sin whether the victim is a boy or a girl. We need to consider consent over control.

Compared to men, women still have to struggle for respect, rights and opportunities.Women don’t want men to protect them, they are happy just to be considered as fellow human being.

So why not call feminism “humanism”.


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