Sleepless Night

Article written by Shilpa Nadkarni


Have seen India having sleepless nights,

At the times of terror attacks,

At the times of Diwali playing teen pati,

At times of festivals to spread the happiness & joy,

At the times of cricket finals,

At the times of exams with countless cups of coffees and chocolates,

At the time of singing and dancing – be it in the discos or pubs, 

But before this, never seen the entire nation glued up in front of their television sets and school kids with full enthusiasm and curiosity staying up and awake whole night to support our scientists, to support ISRO.

Never before this, seen any Indian PM staying awake for entire night and awaiting a result like any other scientist at ISRO.. 

What Vikram does or what we achieve comes later, with the results of Chandrayan 2.0 , but I am more than happy to see the Unity generated in minds of Indians, the courage of 1.2bn Indians to work on a single goal, to have faith in our scientists..

Keeping fingers crossed, staying positive is the key..

Proud of our scientists, Proud of ISROProud to be Indian

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