Ex MPs get a week’s deadline

A parliamentary panel has given a week’s notice to ex-Lok Sabha MPs to vacate their government accommodation. The committee of Lok Sabha also decided to stop power and water supply to these houses within three days.

“We have allotted accommodation to 300 MPs. But many of them could
not shift to their official accommodations since these have not been
vacated. We have directed officials concerned to snap electricity and
water connection where they find people are still staying. We are hopeful
of almost everyone vacating their houses. It will take a month or two to get
the vacated accommodations ready for new allottees,” house committee
chairman Chandrakant Patil told TOI.

The decisions came into effect after it was reported that nearly 200 former MPs have overstayed in government accommodations, on the other hand the others newly elected MPs are staying at transit accommodations at state bhavans and the transit hostel on Janpath.

As per rules former MPs need to vacate their official accommodations within a month of dissolution of the Lok Sabha.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, “When a new session of Parliament begins, newer MPs face lot of trouble as far as finding accommodation is concerned. I am glad efforts have been made to overcome this problem. Being MP means people from the constituency come too and they too may need accommodation.”

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