Modi’s personal connection with Pakistan

Prime minister Narendra celebrated Rakshbandhan at his residence, where he met Qamar Mohsin Shaikh, a Pakistani woman. She has been tying Rakhi to the Prime minister for the past 25 years.

Qamar had met PM Modi when he was a RSS worker during one of her visits to Delhi with her husband, who is a painter. She said, “It was the auspicious day of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and when I approached him with a rakhi and he gladly accepted it.” Qamar has kept the tradition alive even after Modi became Prime Minister.

This year since Rakshabandhan and Independence day fell on the same day, Modi first performed his duty as a PM and then returned to his residence to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Qamar.

Recalling her bond with the Prime Minister, Qamar Mohsin Shaikh, a Pakistani-origin woman, told ANI “Known him since the time he was an Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) worker and have been tying him rakhi for past 24 years. There has been no difference in his behaviour. It is just that he has got busy so we get less time, apart from that everything else is same,”.

Before meeting Modi for tying the sacred thread, she said that she had a surprise for him. The surprise being a painting made by her husband. She also wished for the PM good health. “I get the opportunity to tie rakhi to elder brother once every year, I’m happy. I pray that the next five years go so well for him that the whole world recognizes the positive decisions he made,” she told ANI.

Little things like this are not covered by digital and print media.

Its easy to show someone in a bad light to gain TRPs , however it is also required to publish these type of news that give us insight into lives or our leaders.

Lauding the Centre’s move to bring a law against instant triple talaq, she said: “There is no provision of instant triple talaq in the Quran and Islam. No other than him could have taken this step (formation of law). He has done a very good job in interests of Muslim women,” she said.

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