UP govt. makes effort to rejuvenate depleting water table

In order to counter the issue relating to depleting groundwater, the Uttar Pradesh government has made it compulsory for new residential and commercial buildings to have provisions of rainwater harvesting.

This is a big step towards water retention and a great step indeed by the Yogi government. positivenewscorner.com fully supports this initiative and expects other states to follow suite.

“All the buildings will be permitted in future after provisions of rainwater harvesting arrangements,” Rural Development Minister Mahendra Singh said in the assembly. He was replying to a question of Congress Lawmaker Aditi Singh on the issue, reported the PTI.

The minister highlighted that more than 20,000 ponds have been dug under MGNREGA scheme in the state. Wells are also being restored and plans are underway to plant trees on banks of rivers to retain groundwater

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