Atlanta intl. airport to ban smoking from Jan 2020

The world’s busiest airport, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will implement a ban on smoking . The ban would be put in place on January 2, 2020, with the authorities shutting down all smoking lounges at the airport.

The move has been made due to Atlanta putting a ban on smoking and vaping in enclosed public places as well as bars and restaurants.  The ban would be extended to all lounges as the airport falls under Atlanta’s jurisdiction. The lounges will be used for other facilities.

This move is a boon for millions of non smokers who were earlier subjected to passive smoking. The facility has a huge workforce and a massive number of passengers as well.

Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights and the ANR Foundation, also opined that other US airports should also be following suit soon. 

Jennifer Ogunsola, the spokeswoman for Hartsfield-Jackson, said “We plan to work with our airline partners to make sure they communicate with their customers that smoking is no longer permitted at ATL.” 

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