Indian Railway ushers to help in Chennai’s water crisis

Written by Aditee Lad

A special fifty wagon train carrying around 2.5 million liters of water was sent from Jolarpet of Vellore district to Chennai city, currently battling for water crisis. The train was flagged off from Jolarpet station after successful trial runs of the train from Mettu Sakrakuppam pumping house to the filling station.

Chennai had been battling for water crisis for more than four months now. Usually Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board supplies 525 million litres of water per day. While Cholavaram and Redhills reservoirs and Chembarabakam lake have run dry, there is only 16 mcft water left in Poondi reservoir. The sourthen metropolis is facing daily deficit of 200 million litres of water.

The new train service, a regular supply that aims to bring in 10 million liters of water daily from a dam located about 360 kilometers away in Jolarpettai. It is expected to reduce the pressure on the strained city resources. Chief Minister K Palaniswami had announced Rs 65 crore for the purpose.

Dozens of locals gathered at the train station to watch state officials inaugurate the “special service,” which will help to alleviate Chennai’s struggle in maintaining a steady water supply. People cheered as the 50-wagon locomotive, decorated with flower garlands, made its way into the railway yard. 

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