Green Thumb Initiative ; A Tata Project initiative

Based on inputs by Meeta

Tata Project’s initiative “Green Thumb” is doing its bit in making the world greener. The initiative led to the planting of 1.25 lakh trees last year and this year it aims to plant 2,50,000 trees at its 150 project sites.

Speaking about Green Thumb initiative, Mr Naresh Sharma, Head of Marketing and Communication – Tata Projects Ltd, said, “We set out with an objective of – making Tata Projects brand known as an `Environment-Conscious’ entity. Thus was born the `Green Thumb’ initiative – an idea to plant more trees and showcase them on digital platforms. Through this initiative, we decided to attribute a tree to a click that we received on our digital platform. This year plantation is underway along the Dravyavati River Rejuvenation Project in Jaipur and 1800km of Railway lines that we are building under the Eastern & Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Project.”

To be a part of this initiative all you need to do is click on the banner to plant a sapling – on the Green Thumb Microsite

The campaign has already received engagement of 6.5 lakh citizens, with a cumulative reach of over 2 crores!

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